In School Lessons

RE lessons can be delivered for most areas of the primary curriculum.

The lessons are interactive, practical and consider how the learning objective can be applied today.

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We cover the Bible, Christianity, Church and sharing of personal faith.

RE lessons have included:

Jesus in his early years
The Bible
What is church?
The Kingdom of God
Moses and his adventures
Darwin v Christianity
Spirituality in Cornwall
Could there be a God?
The early church
The Trinity
and many more.

Easter in a Box

Unpack the Easter story from

Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday as each themed box is discovered & explored following the events from the Bible

Full Description

Easter in a Box is for Primary School children and is full of ‘wonder and question moments’ to think, discuss and reflect upon.
Happy Easter!

Wonder moments and questions to think, discuss and reflect upon.

03:42 Wonder Moment: What would have been like on the road to Jerusalem when Jesus arrived on a donkey?
05:13 Question: Do you think Jesus would wash people’s feet?
07:30 Wonder Moment: How could you be kind, how could you serve somebody today, a bit like Jesus did?
08:54 Question: How do you remember things?
13:00 Wonder Moment: How could you help somebody, how could you be somebody’s friend, who feels alone?
17:30 Question: Why did people like and want Jesus on Palm Sunday and yet by the end of the week on the Friday, they didn’t want him to be king and they wanted to put him on the cross?
21:34 Wonder Moment: I wonder if you’ve got a good news story?
23:16 Wonder Moment: Do you now know something about the Easter story that you didn’t know before?

Online RE Lessons & Assemblies

Some Pre-recorded RE Lessons and Assemblies

We understand that it is not always possible to arrange a visit so Lynda has recorded some RE Lessons and Assemblies that are free to use and share. ...more

In School RE Lessons

RE lessons can be delivered for most areas of the primary curriculum

The lessons are interactive, practical and consider how the learning objective can be applied today. ...more

In School Assemblies

It’s always a pleasure to come along and lead primary assemblies all with a christian theme

We can come along during the school year to lead assemblies on most areas of the primary curriculum and your school values. ...more

In School Storytelling

This resource is mainly for Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

We can come along to your school with our bible story bags and cover all bible stories including the Christmas story, Easter story, parables, miracles, Noah, Daniel with the lions and many more. ...more

Visiting City Life Church

Discover ‘What Is Church?’ and experience reflective spaces

We welcome many Schools, Cubs, Brownies and Beavers to our church to discover ‘What Is Church?’ and reflective spaces. ...more

Reflective Spaces

Reflective Spaces are fast becoming a nationally sought after experience in schools.

They facilitate a thought provoking opportunity for children to reflect on faith and spirituality in an inclusive, creative, accessible, interactive, calm, safe and fun way. ...more


Over time, we have developed a number of resources in different parts of our ministry.

We are excited to share these with you, to resource and bless your ministry wherever you are.

Reading Plans
Children’s booklets
Kingdom Encounters
Children’s work at a church weekends away

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