Over time, we have developed a number of resources in different parts of our ministry.

We are excited to share these with you, to resource and bless your ministry wherever you are.

We will be regularly adding more to this page, so come back soon.

If you would like to order any of these resources or find out more, please contact the Church office.

Children’s work at a church weekends away

We are more than happy to discuss how to run a local church weekend away programme with you or we can come and run the weekend for you.  Our church weekend programmes always include loads of fun, games, activities, friendship building amongst teaching, prayer, worship and opportunities to encounter God.

Please contact Lynda via the City Life Church office to explore this further.

Children’s Flyers / Booklets

Fear and Lies

At City Life Church some children have had questions about experiencing fear and especially bad dreams. In response to this we have had the privilege of praying with children at church and in their homes. Fears and dreams have reduced and some have stopped as a result of praying together, making declarations and claiming promises.

We were asked if we could give the children something for them to use either by themselves or with parents/guardians at home. So we have produced this flyer for primary aged children.

What is Baptism?

Children have big questions too!

This flyer is a resource to explore and discover more about baptism. It can be used by primary school children who are considering baptism and for those who want to find out more.

Big Questions

Children have big questions. This flier, aimed at primary aged children, will help answer the questions:

  • Could there be a God?
  • Where would you start to look for God?
  • What’s right and what’s wrong?

And much more ……

Why Encounter the Kingdom?

Because an encounter with God changes everything!

Encounters are for all ages, they can happen anywhere and be experienced in the most unexpected ways. Through your ongoing encounters with Him an intimate relationship with your loving and good Father awaits.

This book is a collection of Encounter the Kingdom spaces we created from personal encounters and journeys. A resource designed to support Churches and Religious Education curriculum. Our prayer is that they will inspire you and equip you to go on a encounter journey in your setting.

Below are a few pages from our 54 page “Encounter the Kingdom” booklet. 

Kingdom Encounter

This is a video collection of the last few Kingdom Encounters held during our 24/7 prayer weeks.

Kingdom Encounters included in this video are:

Anointing, Ask and you shall receive, Be amazed, Boldly I approach the throne, Come drink, Communion, Be Strong and courageous, Fear and worries, Forgiveness, Gate of thanksgiving, Heaven to Earth, Holy ground, Holy Spirit come, Kingdom come to our City, Lavish love, Listening to God, May your kingdom come on Earth, Praise God, Pray for our Nation, Pray for the Nations and You are Creative.

Mobile Kingdom Encounter

This is an example of a Kingdom Encounter we were asked to host at another Church.

It would be a pleasure to share our ideas with you to enable your church to experience Kingdom Encounters.

For more info please contact the church office.