At City Life Church we believe that …

God ….

is the Creator of the universe, and He is loving, holy, good and just in His nature and all His actions towards creation.

People ….

re created in God’s image, which means everyone is valued equally and holds a really special place in God’s heart. When people chose to turn their backs on Him (to sin), the relationship that God intended with humanity was fractured / broken. A way back to God was needed – saving them from a life and an eternity apart from Him. 

Jesus Christ ….

is the Son of God, (an integral part of who God is) fully God and fully man. He willingly became human, and as a human showed us what God is like and what a perfect relationship with God, and the world looked like. 

The Cross (Jesus’s sacrificial death) ….

is the source of God’s saving power and through it people can be rescued from the influence and impact of sin. When a person puts their trust in Christ, believing in the effectiveness of His cross and resurrection and turning from what they know to be wrong, the relationship between God and that person is restored. They can know God as their Heavenly Father, a relationship that begins now and extends beyond death (for eternity).

Baptism ….

is the public declaration/display of a person’s commitment and connection to Christ. Baptism at City Life Church is usually by full immersion. 

Communion (The Lord’s Supper) . . .

is an important way in which we remember, celebrate and declare how central the death and resurrection of Christ is.

The Holy Spirit….

is God’s gift that He is pleased to give those who have put their trust in God. The person of the Holy Spirit comes to live inside people. The Holy Spirit equips, enables and empowers them to live as children of God, show the world who He is, and reveal what He is doing.

The Bible ….

is God’s inspired Word to us and is an essential way God that speaks to us. We need to spend time reading the Bible, thinking and praying about it, and making it a part of our daily lives. As we do, God, by His Holy Spirit, can reveal who He is, who we are, and what He wants to do in our lives. Growth in relationship with God is important for every follower of Jesus.

The Kingdom of God (also called Kingdom of Heaven) ….

is God’s rule and reign on the earth. Jesus, in His life, showed us what the coming of the Kingdom of God looked like. Through His death and resurrection Jesus made it possible for the impact and influence of the devil to be undone, and for God’s Kingdom to extend and increase.

Prayer ….

is a crucial part of our relationship with God and a key aspect of how the Kingdom of God is advanced. It underpins all that the church does.

Jesus will return one day ….

and the Kingdom of God will be fully established – all things will be renewed and restored to what God had originally intended for his creation.

The Church . . .

as we are gathered together and scattered throughout communities we are called to partner with God to advance his Kingdom.

So, as children of God, part of God’s family (the church), created in His image and loved by Him, we have received the Holy Spirit and a God-given authority to bring the influence and impact of the Kingdom of God here on earth. Filled with God’s love, it is our responsibility to share, display and declare the power and the impact of Jesus’s death and resurrection everywhere.

Alongside this statement of faith

Alongside this statement of faith we thought it would be helpful to identify what the broadly held position in the church was on some other issues facing the church today, recognising that there may well be a range of beliefs represented in City Life relating to these issues:

  • All followers of Jesus are called to be ministers.A key part of the role of pastors in the church is to assist people in discovering, exercising and developing their own ministry. An individual’s ministry is based on their anointing, calling, giftedness, passion and character and will be exercised within the community and/or through the church.
  • We welcome and affirm women in all areas of leadership in the life of the church.
  • We are part of the ‘one’ Church in this area. We are called by God to work together with other parts of the Church where possible as we seek to see the Kingdom of God advanced.

We also acknowledge that there are other issues within the Church that can at times be polarising. We will try to ensure that we promote events or distribute information that we believe will help, inform and enable us to navigate some of these complicated issues well.

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Churches Together in Truro

We are part of the ‘one’ Church in this area. We are called by God to work together with other parts of the Church where possible as we seek to see the Kingdom of God advanced. ...more



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