The things that are important to us shape what we do  …. so this is what matters to us at City Life Church!

For Everybody to know they matter:

Everyone who connects with the ministry of this church is part of the City Life Church ‘family’ and we seek to welcome them as such.

We recognise that the level and extent of this involvement will vary greatly from person to person, but no one person’s journey is more or less important than anyone else’s.

Our desire is simply that we can share and show that everyone knows they matter to God and, and that we, and He, long to see them moving forward in their understanding and experience of faith.

For everyone to have the opportunity to know Christ:

We believe that central to releasing God-given potential in us is acceptance of, and commitment to Christ.

This is when someone comes to an understanding of their need for God and their acceptance of His meeting this need through what Jesus has done through His death and resurrection.

As a church we believe that a key way of celebrating and declaring this in our lives is through Baptism.

For everyone to be growing in Christ:

We believe that there is nothing static about our relationship with God and our understanding and experience of Christ.

There will be times of progress and growth, and also times when we may feel things are standing still.

Our aim is that all are growing into a more confident understanding and experience of what it means to be a Christian.

For people to be connecting with one another:

We believe that there needs to be a commitment to the church, to gathering together with others on the journey, connecting and caring for one another.

This needs to extend beyond the Sunday morning meeting. Small groups are a key area for this to take place.

We also believe that we should be all the time seeking to honour (that is to respect, value and support) one another in our relationships, even when we have different ideas, points of view or ways of understanding things.